5 Strategies for Sticking to the Plan

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Chaos is a friend of mine
— Bob Dylan

Does this sound like your life? But is it really your friend? Or foe? I guess if you get used to all the chaos in your personal + professional life then it sure seems like a friend. But is it working for you? 

We preach to our clients that in order to be successful in your business + not have all the chaos you have to be organized. Organized with your time. Organized with your files. Organized with the tools you use. Organized with your life. It really does help you stick to your goals + keep clarity in your business operations.

Don't let the chaos of your life spill over into your small business! And don’t let the chaos of your business spill into your life. Stick to the plan!

Stick to what plan you ask... you know your life plan, your business plan, your vision, your movement, your brand story... are you catching my drift? Do you know what they are? Or have you forgotten or can't remember where you wrote that shit down? It's ok. Really! We all lose sight of those important pieces + forget. Life happens + chaos enters the scene. Just write it down NOW! 

Shameless plug alert {we have a biz binder tool to help you keep your business organized + all those important pieces (and more) that I mentioned above in one nice little package. Be on the lookout for this amazing tool to hit the website very SOON.}

In the meantime, I have some tips to help you battle the chaos:

  • Organize your calendar in blocks of time for everything from client work, professional development, manicures, coffee dates, self-reflection, checking email, social media engagement, etc. If you could schedule your ideal week what would it look like? Batch your tasks into blocks so then when you are scheduling a coffee date with someone you know that you do those kinds of things on Thursdays at 2pm. And then stick to it!
  • If it doesn't make you {or hasn't made you} money, DON'T DO IT! This has been our 2016 mantra. Remove tasks, products, services or time hogs out from in front of you + concentrate on what IS making you money. Now don't throw all that stuff away, just store them for another day because you never know when it will start making you money.
  • It is OK to say NO! You can't do everything for everyone or be everywhere at one time. Trust your instinct + if your heart just isn't in it... SAY NO! Believe it or not, people will respect you just the same {or even more}. This will help you stick to your plan.
  • Post the important aspects of your business {your vision, your movement, your why} right in front of you. Meaning write them down on an index card + post it right in front of your work space or on your bathroom mirror or as the screen saver on your computer. It will help you remember + stick to your plan.
  • Write that shit down! Invest in a beautiful, fun day planner or agenda and write all your shit down. I use my Google calendars that sync across all my devices for appointments and such but I use a band.o agenda for all my tasks, thoughts and big ideas so it is part task list and part journal all in one place. Or start an Evernote {we love us some Evernote around here}. We kinda have an obsession with pretty notebooks + that can get a little chaotic sometimes but I digress.

Chaos is always lingering there in the background. If you keep your personal + business life organized, it will have less chance to disrupt your flow. So DON"T let chaos be a friend of yours. Tell us what you are doing {or will start doing} to remove chaos from your life + STICK TO THE PLAN.