A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

How did I get to be Ronii? Well, here's how that story goes.

I am the first born and was supposed to be a Sarah Eliszabeth. A VERY popular name for my generation. But when I entered this fabulous world my dad decided that he wanted to name me after him. COOL! He suggested to my mom Veronica and call me Roni for short. My mom knocked that one down real quick saying that she knew a Veronica in high school and she was a real bitch so she wasn't naming me that.

Then they decided that they would just name me Ronnie after my dad (who is actually a Ronald but Ronnie for short). At the time my dad was a smoker and had a Ronii lighter made by Ronson. Apparently they liked the spelling.

And that my dear friends is how I got my name. I'm named after my dad and a lighter. Sweet!