Business plans are a BITCH

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Business planning is a BITCH. That is they are Boring, Irritating, Tedious, Consuming + Hard. Can I get an amen?

I wasn't into it. Creating a 400+ page business plan just didn't sit well with me. I could be doing so many other things with that 40+ hours like, I don't know... making money. But guess what? I needed one and found myself floating around the business sphere with no real direction for 8 years. EIGHT YEARS! Can you imagine the progress I could have made in those 8 years if I had a business plan?!

After being hospitalized in the spring, I was forced to make space in my schedule + in my head. That space afforded me the time I needed to think + get clear on me + my business. Once the clarity came I needed a to way to capture it and communicate it to my team + community. I needed a business plan. But one that was true to me, who I am and that didn't take forever to write.

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.
— Dr. Seuss

Stay true to you

The traditional business plan seemed so daunted but I needed something to get my new found clarity documented and shared with my team. I ended up staring at the 40 page Word template for days. Ugh! This just wasn't right for me. This huge 40 page plan was good if I trying to get funding from a bank, but I'm not. I need 1 page that I can glance at and be reminded of what I want this business to be.

So, that's what I did. I stayed true to what works for me and created a note in my Evernote that gives me the highlights of why + what I'm doing. It feels right, now. And I can share that note with anyone on my team and they instantly know what I stand for and how I want my business run. If you want to see what that note looks like you're invited to join me on a free webinar October 18th @ 2pm and see exactly what I did and how it might work for you. Register below.

A true {to you} business plan

Business plans have lots of sections + subsections + words. I built my business plan to answer a few 'big idea' questions with a short sentence or bullet points and then mapped out what we do, who we do it for + how we do it.

How to write a simple business plan that is true to you + your success.

  • What is the problem your customers are trying to solve: We all have problems + are searching for answers to solve them. I start with what is the problem + result my customer wants.
  • What's your solution to the problem: This is your amazing products + services. Don't overthink this. It's a list of product or service offerings and a one sentence description about it.
  • The business model: In essence how you make your Benjamins. What are the the moving pieces to your business + the functions to make that happen?
  • Who are you doing this for: Describe who you want to work with. This also doesn't have to be complicated. Sometimes we get overwhelmed with the 'customer avatar' but seriously all it is is what is their name and 3 or 4 pain points they have.
  • The value proposition: How are you different? What makes you weird?

I will caveat this with - you need clarity. Clarity on who you are + what you want to do in the world. Or these sections are going to be hard to answer + will keep you going in circles because they are disconnected. If you are interested in seeing my example sign up for Evernote School because I'm going to be showing you mine. It will be an hour full of content with no sales pitch {I don't have anything to sell right now}. I want to show you how you can be organized without all the fluff + to stop over complicating this important piece of your business.