Clarity amongst other adventures

As promised, I made it back from my trip to Korea. In one piece. Barely. Our travels back home were a bit hairy but we made it through the category 4 typhoon and on a plane for the 18+ hour flight. BTW, airplanes suck! Seriously. Of course I have all kinds of adventures to tell and observations to impart. And I promised you that I was going to disconnect. Because it is good for clarity and to give the voices a break. So... I did... Sort of.

I can explain. Really, I can.

I did do a little work. But not much because my fabulous B&A team pretty much took care of everything. They only emailed me when they had a question about something that is in my head only and not in any file they could find anywhere. And that tends to happen. A LOT.

BUT I did gain some clarity on a few things while I was away exploring a new culture.

  1. Giving up control is a good thing. A REALLY good thing. I was really nervous about letting my team take on clients and projects that only I had been working on. Why? (Insert shoulder shrug here) I don't know. Because they didn't have the background knowledge about the conversations I've had with clients. I think. It's a vicious cycle, really. You take on something and it takes just as long to explain it to someone else as it does to do it yourself, so you take on more and more with this same dysfunctional belief. But you know what? They are grown adults and will figure it out. They didn't get college eductions just for smiling pretty (even though they have gorgeous smiles and they should give college degrees for that). So, yeah, it was all in my head. This control thing. I let it all go. And guess what? It was fine. They didn't do it like I would have (of course that's the perfect way, right?) but they did it right and no one died or got pissed off or fired us. It all worked out. And from now on, I'm going to give up that control a lot more often because it free's up my time to work ON my business and not IN it so much. Cliched, I know, but it's truth.
  2. I'm an beach bum, island time kinda girl. Yep, I admit it. I found clarity on the environment that inspires and relaxes me. I like tropical breezes and palm tree-zes. Ok, I was trying to make that rhyme and it didn't work out too great but I'm going with it. Our flight coming home got cancelled because of Typhoon Bolaven and we were re-routed (finally) on a flight through Honolulu, Hawaii. I don't know if you have ever been to Hawaii but the airport is an open-air airport just like you see in the movies that feature gorgeous tropical islands. As soon as we got through customs we were outside in the warm breeze and I noticed myself relax INSTANTLY. It didn't matter that we had to walk to the other end of the airport and check in again and go through security again. Clarity hit me right square in the face that my happy place is tropical. As much as I love the exhilaration and excitement of the big city, I am the most relaxed, centered and happy on an island or near the sea shore. And you know what else? When you are in an environment that suits you, you do more meaningful work you HEART.

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I've noticed that this whole gaining clarity thing is addictive. I want to gain more clarity on myself and what I bring to this world. I highly recommend it.

What have you gained clarity on lately? Leave a comment below and let us in on your secret clarity techniques. Tell all your friends how cool you think this is and share with everyone. Kthanksbye.