Confession: 3 Reasons to Stop Reading

business branding and marketing consultant 3 reasons to stop reading business books

Confession: I'm a business consultant who HAAATES to read business books.

Like, loathes them.

I know that they are full of brilliant strategies and business things. But still...

I hate them.

They are boring. I would much rather be reading some dumb romance novel that you can predict the outcome. I'm obsessed with flawed characters. One that is blissfully unaware of how miserable she is until she meets that guy who infuriates her to no end and then realizes she is pissy because she is head over her high heels for him. Throw in a little witchy magic + vampire sex and I'm a super happy girl.

Literally, I have 5 business books sitting on my night stand started and not finished. I have my reasons for hating to read them.

  1. They are full of mystery and codes. All of them tell you that they are going to give you the "secret" to being rich + famous. But they don't. Because they have no fucking clue what the "secret" is. Bite me. You basically just suckered me for $20 on a catchy title. Shame on me.
  2. They make me feel bad about myself. I went to school for business for a long time. I have spent a lot of time + money learning about how business should run and strategies to make it profitable. I know what to do. None of this is new. You've now just succeeded at pointing out that I'm just not doing it. And I must be doing all of it because you must be doing every strategy ever invented to be successful. Which leads me to #3.
  3. Now I'm just overwhelmed and don't know where to start and feel bad that I can't figure this shit out. What?!?! I have a MBA for God's sake. I have all these things to do for my clients and now you've just thrown a 100 more things on the to-do list. Because you know I have unlimited funds to hire 14 people to do all this shit. Didn't you know I have a rich husband to support me and back all this? {If you know me at all, you know how much this is dripping with sarcasm.} Whatever.

Everyone's an expert. Hell, I'm an expert. I have a piece of paper that tells me so. I'll probably end up writing a book called, "Your brand sucks. But I'll tell you the secret to making millions." And then dance around the secret and spout off 25 case studies of companies I like but never tell you how they actually did it or how you can do it.

What's your favorite business book that changed your life and why should I read it? I'm not making any promises I will. Actually, I'll probably buy it, start it and then let it collect dust on my nightstand with the rest of them.