Creeper: Learn About Your Tribe's Culture

I have this pretty funny story to tell y'all {a glass of bubbly may or may not have been involved.} But before I get to that let's be serious for a second on indulging your inner stalker. We all people watch. It has turned into a global pastime. Photographers people watch + take photos for their work. Anthropologists people watch to gain further insight into cultures. Just admit that it is fun to sit back + figure out people's stories or pick up on their idiosyncrasies {that's a big word for this blog}. We people watch when we go out, whether it's at the grocery store, the mall, driving around, or at sporting events + check out what food they are purchasing, type of clothes they set down on the check out counter, what type of stickers or stick families they have on the back of their car {stick families drive me crazy}, or what team they are rooting for. It's all in the name of curiosity.

Curiosity killed the cat

In the past year, I have discovered walking. I love to walk outside. Partly because I take Lucy and we have a little mom/dog daughter time. I love feeling the sun on my face + the fresh air in my hair. The key to this is I love to walk outside. I've tried the treadmill, not the same. As a matter of fact, I hate walking on a treadmill. It's totally an outside thing for me.

I travel for work a couple of times a month and I find it hard to walk outside because I'm stuck in an office or a hotel most of the time. I was at the office one day and mentioned how I'd love to find a place to walk. My client offered that I could walk in his neighborhood + park at his house. Just as long as I don't make him walk with me. Not a problem, this is my 'me' time, so perfect. The next day in the office we are chatting and I mentioned that I loved walking in his neighborhood the evening before. He said, 'yeah, we have a couple of hills that make for a good workout.' I responded with, 'sure, but the people watching is great!' I got a totally odd look from everyone and had to explain further, 'I love looking in people's windows while I'm walking.' Now, the office has a running joke about me being a creeper. In my defense, if people didn't want you looking in their windows they wouldn't leave their curtains open. Am I right!?

Learn the culture and environment of your tribe

Seriously, I'm not a creeper. It's not like I'm going up to their windows and peaking in. I'm just glancing in as I walk by to see things like what are they watching? Are they making dinner? Are the kids playing in the yard? Do they have a dog? You know the normal, how do people live their lives stuff. I'm totally curious about this because I want to confirm that I'm actually pretty normal. #beingnormalisboring

Business gurus tell you all the time to create products + services that solve peoples' problems. But how do you know what their problems are unless you observe them or, gasp, ask them? Otherwise, we are just trying to solve our own problems. How's that working out for ya in the bank account?

As entrepreneurs, for some reason, talking to people is awkward. It's probably because we so don't want to be the sleazy used car sales guy, that we decide to just not say anything at all. Or maybe, it's because we want everyone to like us rather than offend someone. We just don't talk to people. Whatever the reason, try people watching first before you dip your toe into the scary waters of talking to people. Watch how people interact with others. Watch how they touch and use products. Watch what draws their attention or their eyes. Get curious about people + how they interact with the world. The insights you take away will help you develop better products, marketing + result in sales.

What are some of your favorite people watching spots? Obviously, you now know that I like to look in people's windows. I swear it's not as creepy as it sounds. Leave me a comment on what you observed this past week or hit me up on Instagram @iamronii, I'd love to know what your creeper tendencies are.