Cutting out the Hustle: Time Management Strategies for Getting Stuff Done

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You like 'em in Facebook {and as of yesterday you have several emotions to pick from}. You double tap them on Instagram. You definitely retweet them on Twitter. What am I talking about you ask?

The inspirational quote.

You feel me. We love them! Like the junior high, first love kind of love. They suck us in every time.

How many times have you double tapped on that image with the pure white background + gold flake, scroll-y font that looks like someone {with better handwriting than you} just scribbled into perfection, ’good things come to those who hustle’? #raiseshand

We’re getting it from all angles... hustle, hustle, hustle. But is hustlin’ getting ya anywhere other than double tapping on other people’s photos in Instagram? Or is hustling the new multi-tasking?

Is all this hustling really getting you what you want?

I’m just gonna say it… I call bullshit.

Hustling is just another name for busy work.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for working hard. I’m the queen of working hard. There are many Saturdays that I load up my car with Charleston Bath Works lotions + candles for the Farmer’s Market to make a buck {not only one of my favorite clients but also my favorite stuff}. But these days I’m more into working smart.

Some of my favorite ways to cut back on the hustle {some people might call this time management} + move my goals forward:

  • Pick one thing: Figure out the 1 thing that works. And when I say ‘works’, I mean makes you money or converts leads into customers. Then, just do THAT. Doing one thing that makes you money is better than doing 10 things that don’t.
  • Create a system: Jenn gets really rattled when I tell her I need her to create a process or system. She imagines it’s this complicated thing when really it’s just a checklist or to-do list. We make checklists everyday for the stuff we gotta get done but making them for everything you do in your business lets you start to cut the hustle {busy work} out.
  • Make a business plan: Not the long, boring business plan that the bank wants to see. A business plan that covers everything but is simple + easy to follow {and it doesn’t hurt if it's fun + pretty}. This will help you make better decisions because everything you need is defined in one spot. Planning = Freedom!

Your business can’t be successful on hustle alone. Trust me, I’ve tried. All it did was push me to be a frazzled, burnt-out hot mess. Cutting back on the hustle is hard to do. We are conditioned by society that we need to be hustling all the time {cough, bullshit, cough}.

Get the conversation started, how are you cutting the hustle? And if you are ready to dive deeper + are looking to quit the hustle and create a system + business plan, check out my free workshop that starts next week + get my best insider business tools.