Disappointment + Opportunity

OpportunityIn every disappointment lies an opportunity. An opportunity to make things different. Better. I know, it's cliched but we all have had to learn this the hard way. I did. Have you ever had one of those days where if it had the likelihood of going wrong it did?

Like every normal person on the planet, I had one of those days (actually a weekend for me). Like, really bad. It was one thing after another. I had 2 clients cancel large projects. One on Friday night at 9pm and the other on Sunday morning at 9am. It was a big blow to my ego and my wallet. I was (am still) disappointed with the situation. But...

Everything happens for a reason.

This was no different.

The reason for both were budget cuts. That didn't matter to me and my overly sensitive ego. In my mind, regardless of the reasons, I had failed. And I'll let you in on a little secret about me, I'm completely terrified of failing at anything. I viewed this as I had failed at something. Everything.

So I cried for a few hours and then Allen had me power wash a neighbors deck (to get my mind on other things). Monday morning I went into survival mode. I took care of the things that had to be taken care of and talked to the people that had to be talked too. I tightened the purse strings, re-evaluated our direction, talked to a few more people, sulked a little longer, eat 3 bags of potato chips and drank probably just as many bottles of wine (I bought cheaper toothpaste to pay for the chips and wine).

It was a rough week.

A talked to a few people about the situation and a few I didn't. I was embarrassed to let them know things looked to be falling apart. Those that I did talk too, every single one of them gave me a pep talk. And I got the worst pep talk of my life from my assistant and friend (sorry, Coco, but it was) about how smart and talented I am (that wasn't the bad part) and I could find a job anywhere (that was the bad part). She was right. I could. But I didn't want too.

I'm an entrepreneur, not a quitter.

So, here we are several months later and several bottles of wine, champagne and cocktails later and I can now look back and see what was really happening.

All those things went away to make room for better stuff to come along.

All those things were said to make me realize how much I truly love being an entrepreneur and owning my own business.

The point of this story and this experience is that when you think everything is falling apart and everything is against you just realize that there is a higher power or whatever you want to call it that is making room in your life for something bigger and better. So just keep being you and rockin' on with your bad self. Because if I can make it through, you can too. Keep going for your dream. Whatever that may be.

Do you have an overcoming obstacles story? Tell me, I want to hear it. Leave a comment below and then tell all your friends how cool you think this blog is. Here's to a great New Year filled with lots of bubbly and good fortune!