Disconnect from reality

I'm Leaving on a jet plane today on my way to visit my bro in Soeul, South Korea. OMG! I'm going to Korea for 2 weeks! Can you believe it? I'll take pictures. Who knew it was this dark at 4:30 in the morning? At this very moment I'm writing this on a plane to San Francisco. In the midst of this flight, I'm thinking about all the things that I didn't get done and worried that my awesome B&A team is going to be lost without me and all my clients will be pissed that I'm away because they have a marketing emergency that needs to be taken care of this very second.

Who has a marketing emergency? Really?

I know that this is completely insane. And none of that is going to happen. But is still worries me. Why? I have no idea. The world isn't going to blow up without me. MY world isn't going to blow up without me. And guess what? If it does, I'll just deal with it and fix it. No big deal. Right?

I recently read a blog post over at The Middle Finger Project (if you haven't checked Ash out, you totally should! It's pure vodka soaked, fun inspiration and education) about taking the time to get some head space.

That's it! Lack if head space is my problem.

With so many things going on in my world and so many demands of my knowledge and time from all directions, my head is filled up. Like, to the top full. I know as I sit here you are thinking the same thing about yourself. It's the American dream - to work hard and fill your head with all the stuff that is thrown at us.. I can't even emphasize enough how important it is to disconnect.

I mean completely, utterly, disconnect.

Being in Korea for 2 weeks is forcing me to do that because I'm too cheap to pay international prices on my cell phone. It will be completely turned off except for all the picture I'm gonna take because my phone is my camera. I mean, really, who can live without Instagram? Not this girl.

Going to a foreign country for 2 weeks may be a bit on the extreme side but I'm whole heatedly advocating for you to disconnect in some way to get centered and gain a little head space. It's good for you and it's good for everyone that interacts with you and you will do better, more meaningful work because you are better able to think clearly without all the other voices in your head yelling for attention. Admit it, you know them all intimately. DO THIS. PICK ME. DON'T FORGET THAT. EMAIL SO AND SO. WHO'S GOING TO TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING!

Ugh! Take a break voices in my head!

Don't expect anything from me for a couple of weeks. Except maybe pictures of me drinking champagne and dancing on tables. But would you expect anything less? I didn't think so.

Here's to disconnecting and just relaxing for a minute. Or 2 weeks. Because I promise when I get back I'm totally going to rock your socks! ( I say that a lot. I feel a cool new program coming together! Rock their socks business/marketing trainings. I like. You?)

Tell all your friends how cool you think this is and share with everyone. Kthanksbye.