Failure is the mother of all inventions

How do I  know this? I've done it more times than I want to count - 8 boyfriends (not too many but enough), 1 friend, 17 books (started reading but never finished), 2 business deals, 3 jobs, 1 client, business law (twice) and 1 house (this one really broke my heart). I know there are more that my mind is surpressing because I truly don't want to admit that I have failed. My biggest fear is failure.

But as the cliche goes, learn from your mistakes.

I recently read somewhere that entrepreneurs do each other a disservice by "faking until you make it." That none of us learn from each other's mistakes because we are faking success and we all end up learning the hard way. This is so freakin' true! And I'm sick of it! Go forth and fail! And then talk about it. With people you trust and like. We like you, so we will be supportive and help. How do you think I got here?