Focus, dammit!

So, I just finished my first Bikram Yoga class in a 105 degree studio with like 3 million percent humidity. Once I got past the 'you are going to sweat A LOT' part, I really enjoyed it. Although, it was a strange sensation to walk outside and feel cold in 80 degree Charleston, SC weather. I did realize something about myself though. I like the Bikram Yoga because while there is still meditation it isn't like in a regular yoga class where half the class is quiet mediation. This is good news for me because I'm a meditation drop out. You can read about my first mediation rant here. I'm just not good at it. I've tried! I really have! But when you tell me to relax my mind it makes it run even faster. I just have to think about something. But whether you are a mediation drop out like me or not, there is a huge benefit. Focus. This is how you get things done. Focus. Need to finish writing this post. Focus. The cat is taking up more of my chair than I am. Focus, dammit! See what I mean? Total drop out.

BUT (there's always a but, right?)

Focus is very important for getting things done and you have to get things done so that you can do those things that you want to do like go on vacation to an exotic island and unplug. Focus takes time and a little practice. Start with one thing at time, one step at a time (cliche, I know! But you'll get that here because it is true). So focus, dammit!

What are some of your tips and tricks for keeping focused?