Get Sh!t Done: Get Your Operations Manual Done in a Week

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No Sh!t?! You can get your business model done in a week?! 

I swear, I'm not lying to you! Cross my heart + all that other cliched stuff. It doesn’t have to be that hard. Everything can get set up in a week. I’ve found that one of the keys to running a successful business is to not keep re-inventing the wheel over + over again. That’s where the Operations Manual comes in. Documenting the tasks that you do in your business does a multitude of things, like, gives all your customers a consistent experience, let’s you easily delegate things out + keeps you from pulling your hair out trying to remember what you wrote or how you did it last time.

Setting up your operations manual

For years I have been running two separate businesses. And while my personality is at the center of both of them {whether I like it or not} they are still two different entities. It’s still me and I do the same things in both, but there are 2 very different target audiences with different ways of learning, working + budgets. Bartles & Associates is a traditional agency model where we do work for clients and the Ronii Bartles brand of my business is geared towards entrepreneurs that want to learn how to do it for themselves. I’ve always had the problem of figuring out both without creating double work. It wasn’t until I created my business map + operations manual that I was able to keep both separate but still cohesive without creating double the work.

The business map answers key questions about your business{es} and maps out all the systems + processes that you need for it to all work. And you can seriously do it in a week. Wanna see what you can get done in a week? Let's work together for a week + mark something off your to-do list! Learn more here.

3 Key Benefits to Developing Your Business Map + Operation Manual

We’ve talked about business plans before and that’s basically what this is. Difference is you won’t be pitching sharks with this {or maybe you will, depends on your business}. Some of the biggest benefits of developing my business map + operations manual have been:

  • Direction: Just like when you look at a map to know how to get to that next networking event, this is a map that gives you direction on how to run your daily operations and keep you from veering off the rails. It brings you back to your roots + keeps them at the forefront of your business... always.
  • Integration: If you are what Marie Forleo calls a multi-passionate entrepreneur, you probably have a couple different businesses. This map helps you integrate those together to find the common theme amongst them + nail down the business of you. The common theme for both of my businesses is attainable luxury.
  • Consistency: I kinda just don’t even want to explain this one. You know my stance. It hasn't changed. Just check out my post about consistency here 

My business map really only took me an afternoon to 'fill out'. The operations manual took a little longer but seriously can happen in a week. When I work with a client like Charleston Bath Works, we worked together for a week and built all the operational components needed. We had talks about direction of the brand, growth strategies + nitty gritty things like file naming conventions. We set up the basic structure, and what used to take Shelby hours to work up a copy of an invoice, now only takes minutes. We spent the time {which was a full day} talking about work flow + built the systems to make that flow quicker + easier. While, yes, it felt like a long day, it is saving boat loads of time now. And a side benefit is that we can now pull product trend reports to see what's selling well. BOOM!

Want to get your map + manual started? I made a free gift for you! Download your Evernote business map template today.

What are some of your favorite systems + processes that have saved you a boat load of time?