Happy Black Friday: Gifts for the Entrepreneurs in Your Life

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Entrepreneurs are an interesting breed. We work ALL the time. Ideas are floating around in our heads all the time. I just had one yesterday while walking Lucy. We plot + plan + stress about how many followers we have on Instagram. Totally an arbitrary number, we do actually know this, but our brains are always on the ‘please like me’ mode so the number is important and the world will end if someone unfollows us. We have day planners {sometimes multiples}, notebooks, sticky notes + monitors cluttering our desk with post-its sticking out everywhere and week old coffee mugs next to our laptops. We have laptops because you know, we’re entrepreneurs and we can work from anywhere in the world we want. Except we never move from the little corner of our home that is our ‘office.’

We’re an interesting breed, that’s for sure.

Lots of people don’t get us. My parents frequently think, ‘why doesn’t she just go get a real job?’ They never say this but I know they think it. Our friends think we must have the life because we have all this time during the day to go do things that they couldn’t conceivably do because they have to work, and you know we don’t actually work for a living. But they don’t see the sleepless nights thinking about conversion rates + if everyone likes me + how can I really make money at this + is it scalable + should I pitch investors, yada, yada, yada {that’s my Seinfeld reference for the year}.

We’ve come to like practical things that help us move our dreams forward like computers + smart phones + essential oils to help us focus {because you know that’s the solution to everything, dab on an essential oil + the smell will just make you more money}. Because we are an interesting breed + today is Black Friday {a national holiday}, I’ve put together an entrepreneurs gift guide to make this year’s shopping easier for yourself as an entrepreneur or to just forward to your mother so she knows what to get you.

Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map Planner
Because we have an addiction to planners + this one is just the one to have. But seriously anything in her shop is worthwhile. Full disclosure, I am affiliated so by using my link + you purchase something I do make a little cash. 

Sacred Creators Oracle Set
This might be a little too woo-woo for some of you but this set is gorgeous and right up the creative entrepreneur’s alley.

My Morning Champagne Mug
Ok, this is mine but everyone needs a little champagne in the morning, whether it’s actually champagne or just your morning coffee.

Audible Membership
I could give you a list of the best business books but seriously, there are just too many to count. Plus, who has the time to read all of them. BUT… audio books are super easy to get all that great business reading in. Great for in the car, while cooking dinner or walking the dog. I put mine on double time to get through quicker.

Business Card Holder
I’m a sucker for a good business card. I love when they are designed beautifully + feel soft. I believe that your business card is one of the most important marketing tools that you can have + you should always have them with you. So here are some nice cases that you carry around your gorgeous business cards.

2017 Tarot Forecast Report
Again with the woo-woo stuff here but entrepreneurs always want guidance + answers. We don’t like sitting around just waiting so this report will help us with understanding what the universe may be bringing to our lives in 2017 so we can plan accordingly.

Evernote Membership + Accessories
You all know what an Evernote freak I am, so Evernote is a great gift that will help the entrepreneur get their operations manual in order + then some. There are also all kinds of accessories that are Evernote smart like this Moleskin Notebook to capture those ideas anytime, anywhere.

I could have given you so many more but feel free to gift me any of these. Notebooks + pens are an entrepreneurs best friend {don’t get me pens unless you have a Target dollar bin obsession as well}. If you are on a limited budget, offer your entrepreneur services like making them dinner or cleaning their house. We are always complaining about how those 4 hours that we spend cleaning the house we could be making money hence we are losing money by cleaning the house. So cleaning the house would be an amazing gift!

What are some interesting gift ideas you have for the entrepreneurs in your life? Happy Black Friday!