I Totally Had Something Different Planned.

I'll admit I totally had something different planned for this email. I like to send y'all things that you want, need and will actually use even if it is a random obsession I'm having at the moment. But after last week's events in Charleston it didn't feel right and I'm compelled to give you different things this month {don't worry you'll still get the other, it'll just be later}.

If you didn't know {or maybe you did}, I live and work in Charleston, SC. And this West Virginia girl loves every minute of it. I tell people all the time that I'm so lucky to get to live in this beautiful city that others only get to visit and vacation in. It truly is like a vacation everyday. While WV will always be home, Charleston captures my heart.

Last week's tragic shooting took place in the heart of the city, close to many of my friends' + clients' homes + offices. We will all tell the story of where we were on the evening of June 17th. But the aftermath of such a tragedy is what makes us heal + grow. I'm so proud to say that Charleston has united under a blanket of love {despite the oppressing heat} and it makes me love living in the Holy City even more.

Every month, I pull together resources that I find useful and I hope that you find useful too. I've had a few people ask me how they can help. So, in light of everything that Charleston is going through, I put together some links where you can help as you see fit.

Mother Emanuel Hope Fund: To make donations to the church and the victims' families, you can find more information at the City of Charleston website here. That's where you can find all the ways to donate to the fund. Locally, you can also go to any Wells Fargo to make donations.

#CharlestRonG: Y'allsome is the company who designed the image that we recognize as a symbol of our strength + love. They are developing a line of hats + t-shirts that you can purchase with proceeds going to the Mother Emanuel Hope Fund. Read more on their website.

Charleston Strong Print: The following is a print of the "Charleston Strong" original #scripturedoodle by April Knight. All the proceeds will go to families of the victims.

I find it coincidental that the week before I designed a logo for a new company called i{heart}charleston. It's probably one of the best brands I have built to date. Then the day after the shooting I worked on their new website. They are a photography company that loves Charleston as much as I do and started a business for you to be photographed at locations around the city and take that little piece of your heart you left here home with you whether your local or not. We still have a few open ends on the website but I'll give you a sneak peek here {because I'm so proud of this work}.

This got a little longer than I intended but I hope it gives you a little insight to why I love this city so and some useful resources to help those in need. If you are toasting on this Champagne Thursday please do so in love + gratitude. I know I will be.