If You Build It They Will Come Doesn't Work, I Live in the Real World

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 {I've wanted an excuse to get a flamingo on the site forever! What better time than now?}

{I've wanted an excuse to get a flamingo on the site forever! What better time than now?}

I’ve done them all. You name it, I’ve put it on my credit card. I have spent thousands of dollars on every business program out there. I get sucked in because the copy writing is good + I just throw money at gurus. Only to be disappointed when I don’t get the practical solutions I crave. I know I need clarity. I know I need to have a plan. I know I need a content calendar. I know I need ALL the stuff. But how?

I Just Want Practical Solutions for Real Business

Ever single time I dive into a new ebook or program I’m super excited to find that missing link where they just tell me what to do next. I just need a checklist on how to do this whole running a business thing and I’ll do it. But I’m always disappointed when they start off with ‘stick with me and I’ll tell you 'The Secret.'' WTF? I live in the real world with real bills + I just need you to tell me how you built this 7-figure business so I can too. I have a fucking MBA for crying out loud. I should know this shit. It’s a frustrating time, can you tell?

In my quest to find a simple solution, it ended up that I just had to build my own. I found that I’m not the only entrepreneur out there that has this same frustration. There are a lot of us out there that want a practical solution for building a profitable business that’s simple. So I built the Biz Binder. You know, basically… your business in a binder. It’s a series of one page templates that put everything you need to run your business in a, well, binder. I started using this with my clients in workshops + still years later they pull them out and give to new team members to learn what the business does, how it does it + why it does it. Nifty, huh?

I’m a modern gal with a virtual team so I needed my binder to be, like, digital so we can use it. Making copies + mailing binders just started getting time consuming + cumbersome. So, I put them into Evernote. I’ve found that Evernote is a great tool to get my whole team in the loop. And now, I’m showing you on a live workshop on October 18th @ 2pm what I did.

Now, I’m not saying that all the coaching about finding clarity and ‘The Secret’ aren’t useful. It is! But quit waiting around and just make your map and stop thinking about it. Sometimes thinking too much is what gets us in trouble. You can change it later. That’s ok. What you put down now is not set in stone. I’ve changed my business like… 25 times. Just fucking do it already.

My Biz Binder has changed a couple of times. All this stuff is very evergreen but you just have to do it. Make the time to do it. These practical solutions won’t work unless you do.