I’m Ronii + I’m sorry.

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I’ve been a terrible online business owner the past several months. I haven’t posted many blogs or send emails. And that’s the life blood of a good online business.

I really don’t want to bore you with my excuses because if you’re like me you really just don’t care. But I do have a story to tell with a lesson to be learned, and that I {we} care about.

Like everyone else I started off the year all hot + heavy about the future like a school-girl crush with the celebrity heartthrob right out of Tiger Beat. This is going to be the year that it all comes together + I finally get ahead so I can finally take the coveted vacation that I so desperately want to take. You feel me, right? I’m going to make it this year + then I can slow down and have the freedom I want, which is the whole point as to why I started a business in the first place.

But nothing has gone as I’ve planned the year. In January, I got a terrible head cold that drained into my ears + I spent 2 weeks feeling like my head was in a well and using every ounce of energy I have to hear people when they were talking to me {side note: little fact about me that not many know, I don’t hear well already and my ears ring 24/7. I’ve seen a Dr. about it. So don’t be offended if I ask you to repeat yourself a million times, I really am paying attention I just can’t hear you. Allen has finally gotten used to it, sorta}.

In the midst of that sickness, I got a headache. A headache that lasted a solid 45 days straight. If you have ever had any sort of migraine or headache you know how debilitating it can be for 1 day. Then tack on another 44 days. Every ounce of energy I had was giving to doing only those things that I just had to do + everything else could just… wait. Because my head hurt and I just needed to lay down for a minute.

Pair all that with the entrepreneur stigma of doing everything perfect + being everything for everyone. I’ve read every blog + bought into every program about finding your zone of genius, learning to delegate + creating more space for those things you really want. Work, life balance my ass.

Then, on April 15th, my appendix ruptured + long story short, I spent 14 days in the hospital and then another 10 days at home recovering {as an adult appendix ruptures are very dangerous with lots of complications + take a long time to recover}. Did I mention this included spending my 39th {ahem, sorry, the 10th anniversary of my 29th} birthday in the hospital, where on my birthday I had to have a procedure to put in 2 drainage tubes {one was literally a pain my ass}.

Everything stopped.

Work. Money. Doing laundry. Puppy snuggles. EVERYTHING!

I’ve dreamed of taking time off this year but this isn’t exactly what I had mind.

Laying in a hospital bed for 14 days watching daytime TV {there was lots of HGTV happening in those 2 weeks} does give you time to think. You think about big things like: What’s the meaning of life? And then you think about the little things like: Did Allen clean out the cat's litter box? I thought a lot about work + my business because I knew as I laid there no money was coming in and I’m racking up a bigger bill by the day.

My little adventure in life has already taught me a few things already:

  • Build a business, not a job: I thought, what’s the point? Why start a business that stops if you are out for any reason? You shouldn’t. I’d be the first to tell any one of my clients that building a business that stops when you do is just bad business. All you have done is given yourself a job. You might as well go work for someone else + not deal with all the stress {and hopefully, get health insurance, which BTW I do, thank goodness}. You start to create a new perspective on what you want your life to be like. I definitely didn’t feel good enough to work on anything. It was all I could do to get out of bed to go to the bathroom + ‘walk around the block’ once or twice. Your appreciation for things in your life take on new meaning; health, friends, family, laughing, food, strangers.
  • Get help when you need it: You learn to ask for {and take} help. I’m a very independent, self-sustaining person and asking for help is super duper hard for me. I’ve been working on that but now I was forced into a situation where I had no choice but to ask for help. And lots of it. I had to ask my dad to help me wash my hair. That’s pretty humbling.
  • Work smarter, not harder: No one can deny that I’m a hard worker. And I think we are taught from an early age that the harder we work the more reward we will benefit. But as I’ve grown into an entrepreneur I’m finding that working harder is just working longer + being more busy. It doesn’t actually equate to dollars in the bank. Working smarter + making better decisions gives you more bang for your buck because time is money + the ROI on working smarter has a higher profit margin {that’a lot of cliches + business jargon in 1 little sentence}.

I’m sure as my recovery continues + I feel better every day {I’m already feeling so much better} I’ll discover more about what this has taught me about myself + what I want + how I choose to make that happen. I know I definitely don’t have it all figured out yet and you’ll probably start to see a few changes around my world. But I do know that I want a life that is slower + has a pool {I’m a Taurus + sometimes we are materialistic}. It’s not actually about the pool. It’s about sitting by the pool with my feet soaking, sipping on good bubbly chatting with a good friend. Those are the moments I live for + I now know that I need to make smarter decisions to build my business that will allow me to do that. What are some of the lessons you’ve learned from an adventure in your life? Leave a comment and we’ll all learn together.