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Recently, I was contacted by a lovely lady from Poland that owns a personal branding and marketing firm to do a guest post on her blog. I was so flattered that I obviously said yes right away. After checking out Elwira's website I was so impressed I wanted her to be my very guest post as well! I know what your thinking. No, I do not speak Polish. In this case the language doesn't even matter because you can just feel Elwira's passion for her business when you visit it. But enough about me. Let's hear about Elwira's business and what inspires her. I introduce to you Elwira Wagner-Wołosz of Creative Relations! Creative Relations Logo


Ronii Bartles: Why did you start your business?

Elwira Wagner-Wołosz: I started my business because I felt overwhelmed with my current job at the time. I used to work in marketing for the fashion and beauty industry. That was my thing but I felt like I couldn’t express my creativeness. I didn’t agree with some decisions but I had to do my job. It wasn’t a pleasure at all. So it was time to change. I wanted to live and work on my own rules.

I realized that subconsciously I always sought to work in a personal branding business. Even by choosing my study profile. And that’s how emerged the Creative Relations TM. “Creative relations” is my work philosophy. I always put relations with my clients first. And I want them to understand how important the relation with a customer is. Of course that good product or service is important but the key to success is relationships with the clients: the way we treat them, how we understand their needs, and how we try to solve their problems by means of our products or services.

And the same is with people who are looking for their personal brand. I show them how to establish relationships with the outside world in order to achieve professional and personal success.

RB: What were some of the obstacles that you faced and how did you overcome them?

EWW: Well, there was a few. First, I quit my job just like that and didn’t have the money to start something on my own (You know this feeling ;-)). Second, in my country (Poland) the idea of personal branding is not common as in the USA. So the problem was how to show my potential clients that I’m the person they really need.

But if you have said A, you must also say B. There was no turning back. So a few months before I started to work on my own I decided to allocate for trainings in e-marketing, interpersonal communication, make up and styling and so on. Interactive trainings with international experts helped me very much, so I have fresh knowledge how personal branding works.

I concentrate with online activity as much as I can and see the effects. Have to say that I face obstacles almost everyday, because I have my business since February this year, so it’s not too long period of time. I’m at the beginning of my journey but I clearly see lots of possibilities. And my work gives to me 100% of pleasure.

RB: How have you positioned your business in your market?

EWW: As I said before “Creative Relations” is my key to success. I help people and companies discover their ideal career path. I give to people something more than tips on how to look attractive outside. I want them to understand themselves better by discovering their personality type and building a strong personal brand. They can count on me and I’m willing to help them any time. I don't foist off my opinion or ideas on anybody. We are trying to figure out their needs together. The clients have to feel that it comes out from them. Something like the “inner power” that are my unique attributes which attract clients to my offering.

RB: What are your truths and why?

EWW: I am not done finding my truths yet. There is more to discover in myself, more to experience in the ever-unfolding process of growth.

But the one thing I’m sure about is I’m the right person in the right place. That means my life seems to flow because I’m loving what I’m doing. I feel confident because I’m good at it.

I believe whatever you do, good or bad, comes back to you threefold. I live this truth personally and professionally and it absolutely works for me. That’s why I am where I am - happy and full of optimism.

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