Intuition: Does it Make us Moola?

That's the real question. You know that weird tingly sensation you get in your stomach that sets off all the alarm bells off when you come across something that is perfect for your company? That's your intuition telling you that you should do it! But will that idea or product or service or next social media app actually make you money in the long run? Ehhh! That’s a little harder to tell. As entrepreneurs, we take risks every day with our amazing ideas + products + services + apps. In order for things to work in our favor, we need to do a little research or if you don’t want to do it then you pay for it 😉 {depending on which tax bracket you are in}.

Data can show you what your intuition can't

So this year I have decided that my goal is to become FAMOUS and I'm going to do that with this amazing idea I came up with {a little more on that later though}. I was talking with my team about said idea and trying to gauge if it was something that could be scalable, helpful + profitable. Because let's face it, we are here to make money. Rent ain’t gonna pay itself.

My team is awesome {thank you Danni & Jenn}! But they aren't my ideal clients + they say yes to everything {while that's great for my ego, it's not so great for testing viability of products}. So I took my idea to my mastermind groups + other entrepreneurs in my community. The feedback I received from them was empowering + exciting + made me more determined to make this a success. After talking to them I reflected on how I am solving problems for my clients while also being profitable. Cuz we all love money in the bank + buying pretty things {like wine + flowers from Trader Joe's}.

Put your intuition through the ringer/the paces

My gut was telling me I’m onto something. My colleagues were telling me I’m onto something. Now, I need to test. I’m not exactly to the beta test stage just yet. I’m still in that testing my idea + intuition stage. Here’s how to test your intuition with data. Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Is your intuition giving you the full steam ahead feeling or is there some hesitancy? If your instinct is full steam ahead then you most likely have a strong idea that will solve customer problems + feel right for you. If your instinct is making you hesitant in any way then your gut is telling you this isn't going to make you money… only cost you money {and heartache}.
  2. Can you stalk the ideal customer? If you can, then gather as much information as possible to put in the data bank {this is where personas come into play to market to them + your inner detective gets to come out}. If you can't, then maybe think about pay for retail research {I can recommend a few companies if you need help}.
  3. Is it scalable? Can you take your idea from small to big-time production? This is the hardest part for me when I have solutions to problems. Typically, they can work for small businesses or big businesses but generally not both. Well dammit, I'm tired of that and now my solutions are going to work for everyone across the board {with some small tweaks here and there}.

Do you trust your intuition 100%? How has your intuition helped you succeed? If you want to feed my Famous obsession connect with me on Instagram {@iamronii} and we can stalk together!