Keeping Your Eye on Your Target

We all have our quirks… admit it. I happen to really like research {trust me most people don’t} and seeing all these data points that create a larger picture about people. But understanding people’s quirks can be the difference in you selling your thing to them. Data begins by looking inside, follow me for a second, look inside your business first, your team and/or employees, your customers, your mission + vision, and any other internal reference points. This gives you a baseline for your hypothesis {that’s a big word for me}. You have this fuzzy picture of who you can help + work with. You make that picture clearer by searching externally to confirm the facts. Ta Da! Keeping your eye on the target isn't too hard after all. It's not Big Brother-ish at all, when it's in the name of research.

Dig deep to get to the facts

As entrepreneurs, we are always searching for that perfect tool that helps us identify the sweet spot between what we do + what our customers need that will make them fall head-over-heels, can’t live without you in love with us. I have been sitting on a service idea for a while now and it will be amaze-balls, BUT like any other entrepreneur, I had to do my research and go back to the drawing board to find my ideal client. Which was a lot of fun {for me at least}, a wee bit tedious and very helpful in the end. I asked lots of questions of my friends, colleagues, coaches + myself. Lots of discussions happened {some with + without a glass of bubbly} and lots of brainstorming, development + noodling. I had to dig deep and get to the facts to form my plan on how to solve this problem.

There are lots of ways to get to the facts you need. Some are easy to find + some not so easy. I heard Tara Gentile talk once and she made a point that {I’m paraphrasing here}, when it comes to tasks or strategies or decisions in your business, you have 3 options: 1)You can not do anything at all, 2) Figure out how to do it yourself and do it, or 3) Hire someone to do it for you. I’m finding when it comes to understanding your customers based on facts, most go with option 1. Because it’s hard work to figure out what makes people tick. It’s easier + quicker to just guess at who your ideal customer is than to use The Google {I’m talking to you, Jenn}.

It’s long, hard work to keep your eye on the target + get to know facts about your tribe. 

There’s an old joke that, 73.6% of all statistics are made up. What would we do without Google? But I do know for a fact that businesses that take the time to understand its ideal customer succeed at a higher rate because they make products that solve its customers’ problems + develop marketing that resonates with the right people. All around it makes life simpler.

One strategy that I like to use is:

  1. Find your biggest competitor
  2. Navigate to their Facebook page {hint: if they don’t have a Facebook page, they are not a competitor. Most people don’t consider a business real unless you have a Facebook Business Page}
  3. Click on the people that like their page
  4. Then, click over to those people’s Facebook profiles and look at their about
  5. Answer these questions: What is their favorite book? What is their favorite quote? What is their favorite color? What’s the last thing they posted about?

After you aggregate a few people, are they similar to what you do or like? How can you make a connection between these results? How can you create a Facebook Ad or Instagram graphic that will attract that kind of person? There are now lots of options to pull that person into your world. Trust me. I already know you are stalking your ex on Facebook, might as well use those skills to get to know your tribe + keep an eye on your target.

Ssssh, because you're my favorite peeps, I wanted to let you in on something amaze-balls I have coming up soon. So keep your eyes peeled for more details next week! If you want to feed my Famous obsession connect with me on Instagram {@iamronii} and we can stalk together!