Let me see you pivot!

Listen to this Post!

That sounds like the chorus to a hip hop song, doesn’t it? Being able to pivot with your work or life is a challenge for anybody. I mean, I just spent 2 days working on a project and now the client wants to change direction {it happens more than you know but that's a-okay because it makes me stronger, queue Kelly Clarkson song}. But fear not, all is not lost. I promise. This is when I pivot… because, dammit, I'm not losing two days worth of work. The best thing is I recognize the direction + idea + creation isn't the right path anymore but the time + energy I have put in can still be salvaged. The foundation has been laid but I need to change the small details that were used to build the original idea.

The ease of pivoting with all the right moves

Most clients understand what they want but aren't exactly sure how to make it happen. They are kind of like freshman in college. Excited for something new + eager to get started but in need of direction. That's where I come in to discuss and guide them through the process. We've all had those moments when we have this great idea and we start working on it but the farther we go down the rabbit hole the more it gets confusing + doesn't make sense anymore. Trust me, I've been there, probably doing it right now and will do it again probably pretty soon. When a curve ball is thrown our way or a scope change creeps up, our creations don't have to be thrown away or put away to never be seen again. Some ideas have to be placed on the shelf until later when the time is right. Elizabeth Gilbert in her latest book Big Magic talks about the concept of ideas finding a way to happen even if they need to find someone else to bring it to life.

Pivoting keeps you relevant + adaptable

An advantage of being an entrepreneur is that we can pivot quickly + easily. We are nimble + flexible so that we can change direction as things work or don’t work and make adjustments to fit our needs + our clients needs. I feel like I’m pivoting all the time but recently I had a situation where I made plans {pretty big plans} and they just didn’t pan out. A little known fact about me is that I get really upset when things don’t go according to the way I perfectly planned things. Perfectionist anyone? I get the kind of upset where even the Geico Gecko makes me cry. I wallow for a bit but then figure out how I need to pivot + then get back to work. Generally, I can get my new plans up and running within a few days. That’s pretty damn amazing! To make new plans + implement within a few days! Nimble + flexible, we are.

Having the flexibility to pivot in your business helps you stay a step ahead of everyone else. I personally recommend wallowing for a minute {don’t judge, it helps} but then get to work making your new plans + building your big dreams! What are some tips + tricks you do when you have to pivot and be flexible real quick like? Leave a comment or hit me up on Instagram to get the conversation started.