My web developer loves me, does yours love you?

Everyone loves a gorgeous, well designed, thought out website. If it wasn't then no one would be able to navigate it. And a jacked-upped website is a pain in the ass. Website design, even restructuring one, is a huge undertaking {but I love it... it's my nerddom}. I get to see all the puzzle pieces fall together {data + research + edit copy + graphics} it's pretty fucking amazing, if I say so myself.

Web developers love knowing your ideal customer

This is where being a stalker comes in handy. A while ago I had to revamp a website that was awkward, at best, to navigate and a little dated. The gauntlet had been thrown and I needed to do some research... ASAP. I began by stalking who I thought was this company's ideal customers, purchasing agents and the main competitors by interviewing executives in the organization. I found out what conferences this person attends, what publications she subscribes to, what she enjoy doing in her free time, and even what her likes and dislikes are with the current product/service on a the market. I hit the mother load and created my customer persona. Cha-ching!

So I sat down, put myself in her shoes and sketched out what I thought the website should look like {and I literally mean sketched it out by hand with pencil and paper + dedication}. It was a work of art, if I do say so myself, and should be hanging in the Louvre! I kid. I figured out how someone should navigate the site + where text and graphics should go + the total number of parent and child pages + a site map. I even picked out three .html sites the clients could chose from and had sent them off to my web developer early on so we could discuss the pros + cons of each. Then I met with my web developer face to face and guess what... it went great! I said goodbye to that weight sitting on my shoulders {bye Felicia}. 

Have you stalked your clients? If not, let's chat and see what we can uncover. 

It's all about the whole package

It's all about knowing the customer you are trying to reach, their likes + dislikes, and what will make her click on your site and buy from you. Because I stalked the ideal customer ahead of time + gathered information on her behavior + what she currently dislikes, I was able to portray that to my web developer in a clear + concise way that he was able to execute a gorgeous, easy to navigate and well thought out website {on time + on budget, miracle of all miracles}. 

Know your customer + know your website = Happy Web Developer = Happy You

How do you approach your web developer? What are some tips and tricks you have for presenting your ideal client your website? Leave me a comment on how you work with your web developer or hit me up on Instagram @danni_1920s, I'd love to connect and feed my need for attention.