Put your name in lights!

Are you the (rock)star of your own life? That was the headline glaring at me in a women's magazine I was reading. Um... No, I'm not. Does this sound familiar to you too?

So, I took the quiz that followed and, surprise! No, I was not!

That was an AHAAA! moment for me. I HAVE to be the star of my own life and you do too. So, let's put your name in lights!

The first step to recovery is realizing you have problem. Then you need to do something about it.


What are you good at? What is your talent? Mine is teaching. That is what I was put on this earth to do - break down complex situations and complicated processes and teach people that they too can do them.

Who wants what you have to give? Be very specific about who this talent and passion is designed for. Guess what? It isn't everyone.

Create. Create this talent into a form that people can comprehend. They need to know that you understand and that your thing will solve their problem. Create you products/services, system/process and message.

Market it! Market the hell out of how great your are! And not the cheesy, slimy selling. It's about being true to yourself and marketing and being transparent about what you do and WHY you do it.

Can you do it? I believe you can!