Sabbaticals for Clarity: How to Get One

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Back in my ‘corporate’ days, I worked on a project with a big computer company that I’m still not allowed to name because I’m bound by a confidentiality agreement, the project manager had just gotten back from a sabbatical. I was young + curious about this 'sabbatical' thing and asked him what that actually meant. He told me that after so many years of working for this company they gave employees 90 days off. I was like, ‘whoa! and here I am working my ass off to get 10 days vacation a year.’

I quickly learned that to get that 90 days off you committed your everything to the job and burn out was definitely on the horizon. Hence why it was called a job.

Then I started my own company to strive to get out of the grind of working my ass off for 10 days vacation a year and making a lot of money for someone else. When you do it for yourself excitement & enthusiasm are the momentum that wards off the burn out that eventually comes. For many years, I went, went, went in the name of building my business. My went then got up and was gone. It put me in the hospital for 14 days. Not the sabbatical that I was planning.

In my old life as an employee, the way to get ahead was to work harder. You get noticed when you work harder than anyone else. You get the promotion when you work harder. Working harder equals more money.

As an entrepreneur that strategy hasn't worked for me. I was working harder + harder and all I was doing was ‘faking it until I made it.’ Working harder wasn’t equaling more money. It was just making me busy {and we all know by now how I feel about the falsity of busy}. And then the burn out happened. And for me it happened hard because I had been ignoring it.

Yes, my appendix ruptured and that is not really something I could prevent or help. But it was my body's way of saying, 'you have to stop this or I'll do it for you.' No one will ever be able to convenience me otherwise.

I had to slow down.

My business {and me} needed a Reboot.

I realize that a true sabbatical isn’t all that feasible. You have spouses and kids and responsibilities but if you don’t do something your body will force you to do something. Recently, I had dinner with a friend and we were talking about life like most of us do and the conversation turned to feeling overwhelmed.

It's a common problem - overwhelm. It creeps up on us quite frequently.

We talked about how we haven't had a break. A break from all the work responsibilities, picking up the kids, running to the grocery store, cleaning the house {this is a big one for me, I hate to spend the 1 day a week I get 'off' cleaning the house}, making everyone happy and everything perfect. He asked me, 'what does it look like? Taking a break or sabbatical? You've seemed to be handling all of it better lately.' My answer was:

Get rid of all the noise.

It's so easy to add things to our to-do lists but really hard to take them off. You have too though. Or you end up in the hospital for 14 days. I don't recommend that path at all. It was not fun. We have all this clutter all over the place, in our house, office and minds that you have to clear it all out to get to the things that matter. The things that help you grow and, at the end of the day, make you money.

Stop doing all that shit that doesn't make you any money!

My good friend, Shauna Mackenzie, Founder of Best Kept Self, has developed a program that will teach you how to get rid of all that noise so that you can focus on doing things that make you money. It's called Reboot. It's an 8-week “business detox” to help you rediscover the joy of being a business owner.

I seriously was right in the middle of the program when I found myself in the hospital. It apparently was already to late for me but it isn't for you and I encourage you to join me in working on clearing out your clutter and getting to a point where you are well rested and well paid. You can find out more about the program over at Reboot

Because transparency is sexy, I am an affiliate and if you sign up through my link I make a commission. But I believe in the program so much because I learned the hard way what happens if you don’t make time for the 'sabbatical.' I don't have it all figured out just yet, which is why I'll be going through the program with you. Shauna is an amazing teacher & person and you will love her just as much as I do. I hope you decide to at least look at it and see how we can clear out the clutter, get clarity {this is the thing that has been my hugest ah-ha} and get well paid.