Selling You Work/Life Balance

Selling Life Balance.png

Recently over at our B&A "headquarters", Jenn and I had an in-depth conversation about life balance. We were both stressed out and overwhelmed by everything that we having going on with work, families and schedules. It sparked an idea for a blog post about trying to achieve the elusive "work/life balance". She is always looking for blog post ideas so she ran with it and came up with this.

While she has 2 kids that are at that age they are into everything and 3 part time jobs, I wonder how she does it all. My life on the other hand is very different and centered around my company and she looks at my jammed packed work calendar and wonders how I do it.

It's all relative.

But yet it feels like almost every coach/consultant on the face of the planet is trying to sell you on achieving "work/life balance". They have whole seminars and workshops dedicated to it. Have you ever taken one? I've been to a few talks thinking I'm going to find the cure to having better "work/life balance". And in the end I never find it because we all have the exact same amount of time on this plant (if you have an idea on creating more time hit me up because I need some of that shit. And you will be a gajillionaire.) But I come out feeling more confused and lost.

I've tried all the time management tricks, downloaded countless organization tools, hired people to keep me on task and spent a fortune at the office supply store on beautifully designed file folders and pencil holders. But my office is still a reck, the kitchen floor still hasn't been mopped and that client is still breathing down my neck for their report.

WTF is this work/life balance thing? Where is it? How do I find it? How do I use it?

Here's my take on the whole " work/life balance" thing. It's a total sham. No one can sell you that. It's all just life. And you, my friend, are just going to have to live with the life you create and my dirty kitchen floor. You know that old saying, "pick your battles." Well, I think that's what we have to do here. We have to pick our priorities in life that make us happy and concentrate on making those the absolute best they can be everyday.

I'm famous for over committing because I have a hard time saying no to people. Yes... me. You never imagined that did you? But it is important for me to really start deciding who and what are the important to me and that make me happy, and let everything else go and say no. I want you to notice in there I have, 'that make me happy.' This is a key component because its all still going to be stressful and overwhelming at times or probably most of the time. But that is ok if it all makes you happy.

And FYI, not everything can be a priority. Don't do that. Cleaning out the dryer lint trap is not a top priority. Well, maybe that is because you don't want you house to burn down. Actually, go clean out your lint trap right now because that would really suck. I'll wait. Dusting your baseboards, that's a better example. Really, I don't care if your baseboards are dusty. Honestly, if I'm down on your floor looking at your baseboards, call an ambulance because there is something wrong with me.

So here's to all of us finding our so-called "work/life balance" and just living life.

Be cool, man.