The 'Ah-Ha' Moment

You get what you need when you need it.png

I spent all spring traveling all over the universe (as one my clients put it). I was in Vegas in February (a trip I really can't talk about - bachelorette party), Chicago in April for the American Marketing Association Leadership Summer (you'll remember this from last year when I wrote about Leadership + Hangovers) and in May I was in NYC for the Women Rock the World Conference presented by Savor the Success. I've been on a few other trips as well to visit clients and the fam in WV. Its been a crazy kind of spring and things are starting to slow down a little so I'm committed back to keeping up with this blog better (I promise I haven't been ignorning it, I've just been very engaged with building things over at B&A that this sometimes gets left behind but you can always find me there talking about new crazy stuff.)

In all this craziness, I was super excited about going to Leadership Summit and Women Rock the World. This is going to sound totally bizarre but I love conferences. I'm a learner and am always striving to learn new techniques and processes for doing everything better and conferences are the perfect place for that. I always come away energized with new ideas and am ready to conquer the world. I love the 'Ah-Ha' moments that come out of conferences when someone says something just so completely brilliant that it changes your world then and there. 

But this year, I have to admit, I was sorely disappointed with my 'Ah-Ha' moments. As in, I didn't really get any this year. I don't know if it was just me and I was searching too hard but those moments just didn't hit me. I know they exist because I have had them before. I had one when I started my company. It was like, 'oh, fuck, why didn't I do this sooner?' Followed by an, 'Oh shit, I really just made the leap, what do I do now?' 

I love the 'Ah-Ha' moment! They make me feel like I'm always learning and moving forward. Maybe this year I just wasn't open to accepting the 'Ah-Ha' that is yet to come. I don't know. I don't want to get all "The Secret" on 'what the universe has in store for you' woo-woo shit. But I do believe that you get what you need when you need it. And apparently, I didn't need an 'Ah-Ha' moment on all my travels this spring. Maybe it is coming later from a completely unexpected place. Until then, I just keep moving forward with what I know now.

What has been your best 'Ah-Ha' moment? And were you ready for it?

Here's to finding you next 'Ah-Ha' moment!