Toast Your Biz Plan *clink*

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Did you create that business plan we talked about last week? I didn't think so. Go register for Evernote School + we'll work through that. I'll wait... Awesome sauce! Ok, that’s a shameless plug but seriously I think you'll learn something really useful.

Your business plan should be your tool to make your business work for you, not against you. It should make all your decision making easier. Have an idea to add website design to your bookkeeping business? Um, first, those are two totally different things and just because you used a Wordpress template to make yourself an awesome website doesn't make you a web designer. And, second, does that align with your business plan. Probably not.

Organization equals clarity.

This year has brought a lot of change to my business + myself. After some debate + many glasses of bubbly, Bartles & Associates got a rebrand. After I finished my one-page business map {I loved maps as a kid + while it’s called a plan, it's really a map}, I sent it over to Jenn. My note said, 'what do you think? do you get it? thoughts?' I send her notes with no caps all the time. The perfectionist she is, she probably hates it. Her note back to me was, 'I get what we do NOW. I've never seen you this clear about your business.' I finally got B&A back on track to doing what we do best: biz ops! Cause you know... maybe your marketing isn't broken.

It was a really hard decision to basically start all over again. And it was super hard to retire the elephant. But after getting clear with my business plan/map it was plain to see that while cute, Bartleby wasn't making me any money + my clients couldn’t give 2 shits about a cute elephant. And at the end of the day, the goal is to make money.

Freedom is not equal to chaos.

When I started my business in 2008 my goal was to have more freedom. Sure, I had big dreams of making a shit ton of money but my real reason was to have freedom. To not have to answer to anyone. Make my own decisions. Take a nap in the middle of the day. Take off on vacation when I felt like it. That first day I ‘opened my doors’ I went on a family vacation. WHA!?!? How cool is that? And I didn’t have to ask anyone if it was ok or deduct from my 80 hours of PTO. I could do whatever I wanted. I could work however I wanted. I could build my business however I wanted. There was nothing there. I had to start from scratch.

In my never ending quest for freedom. Chaos ensued. Every piece of everything in the business bottlenecked at me because there wasn’t a clear plan or map of how the business was to run. I had talented people willing to work with me + grow the business but they quickly got frustrated because they didn’t know what to do and if they did, they sat around waiting on me to review or give feedback + direction. While we believe that owning a business is going to mean all kinds of freedom it can quickly become a trap that you start drowning under because you’re so overwhelmed by all the stuff.

Now that I have the business plan nailed down the operations manual comes next. That’s digging in deep and creating systems + processes. That piece is evergreen + takes time. We’ll talk about that + a simple business plan in Evernote School on Tuesday, October 18th @ 2pm. You’ll get to see how I have mine all set up in my preferred tool, Evernote. But you don’t have to use Evernote, you can use Word docs if you want, I don’t care, just join me on the 18th to map out your business.