Vendor advice

Guess what? I do speaking gigs. Yeah, I'm cool like that. This morning, I got my ass up at 6:30. Have I mentioned I hate mornings and have a conspiracy theory about morning people? I think the world has more night people but morning people get up before us and schedule those damned breakfast meeting while we're not looking because they can. But I digress. I trucked it downtown to a cool-ass space where I gave a presentation on branding. I own a branding and marketing company so naturally I would give a talk on branding. It was a small crowd but they were fabulous. They asked great questions and we had a great conversation. Afterwards, several people came up to talk about questions they had. One very sweet lady came up to me to ask my opinion on trade shows and conventions. I'm a big believer in participating trade shows and conferences if your target market will be there and looking for your product or service. As we talked, I found out that she had already talked with 2 (count 'em, 2!) other marketing companies to help her. Company #1 didn't want to help her because she was a entrepreneur and too small for them. That's perfectly fine. I understand, not everyone is your target. But why didn't they giver her a recommendation of a colleague that would help her? or be honest and say, 'we can't you'? I don't understand. But it gets better (when I say better, I mean worse). She hunted out a second marketing firm to help her get ready for a trade show that she has coming up in 2 weeks (not enough time to order any marketing materials and all she has is business cards). And this person is dragging their feet and won't get back with her. WTF?

I have 2 pieces of advice here.

First, if you own a business, of any kind of business, at least get back with people. Even if you can't help them or they are the kind of client you don't want to take on, get back with them with a better recommendation or be honest and just say, 'I can't help you.' Don't leave people hanging.

Second, if you are a company looking for help, you don't have to put up with that. If a company doesn't get back with you in a reasonable amount of time. Move on and find someone that will.