What You Can Get Done in a Week: Set Up Your Marketing System

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Set it + forget about it! I totally said that in a Jersey accent in my head. We do this for dinner all the time. But what about doing it for the marketing in our businesses? Most of us find marketing to be hard + spend 90% of our time doing what we think is marketing our business.

But imagine a world where you don’t have to do that + the time you just reclaimed can be spent doing your favorite work, loving on your clients, making dinner, drinking wine with your friends, watching football, the list is endless. That is where the marketing system comes in. My definition of a marketing system is where you design a path for a potential customer to come into your world and engage with your work. It’s organized + automated and your marketing job is now to evaluate the system and make tweaks as you see things working or not working or new trends among your audience. I think it’s pretty obvious why it is important - to take your life back.

Fill your funnel

Within the whole of the marketing system there are several funnels + I’m not telling you to do all the things. We’re not all meant to do ALL the things. Could you imagine? Chaos. You still have to pick what works for you. For me, I have a few but one that I had to set up + let go of was social media. If left to my devices sometimes it would get done and sometimes it wouldn’t and one week I’d be all ‘go get ‘em’ and schedule a whole week and then it wouldn’t happen for another 6 months. Insert new system and taking me out of the equation and viola! now it gets done.

We’ve been talking all month about things you can get done in a week. Let’s work together to set up your marketing system in a week.

Three Marketing Funnels to Automate

Marketing automation comes in many variations based on goals + tools. Around these parts we try and keep it all as simple as possible + evaluate tools closely before jumping on the bandwagon. We all know my love for Evernote so as you can imagine my systems are set up in Evernote + automated with various tools for the job. Here’s how to set up three of your main marketing funnels to automate your marketing better.

  • Email Marketing Funnel: This should be a no brainer. You can not just throw people onto your email list and then just let them sit there. People expect to be hearing from you once they have given you their email. Obviously, you will give them the free gift you made for them, but where we lack is the follow up. Here’s what I do: I created a note in my Operations Manual for email marketing and in there are 5 email scripts with timing on when a new subscriber gets that email. I use Mailchimp for email so in my account I set up an automation for my subscriber list with all those emails and timing. It took a few hours to set this all up but now it’s done and all I have to do is tweak it as needed. My subscribers get Evernote School which they signed up for and then every week after that for a month they get another email introducing them to my work + world.
  • Social Media Funnel: Like I mentioned earlier, left to me social media would happen sporadically. So, the first thing I did was give it to someone else to do + let them create the system. We have a notebook in Evernote and that notebook has notes based on themes or categories. Then content + links are filled in on those notes and scheduled out throughout the week using Hootsuite. There are other tools like Edgar that are even more automated so find what works for you based on time + budget.
  • List Building Funnel: Every online business person on the planet knows that your list is gold + continuously building that list is the key to making money. That kinda seems daunting doesn’t it. That’s why spending the time to automate this process is so important. Designing landing pages is a great way to do this. Lead Pages or Click Funnels is perfect for mapping out this funnel and letting the email roll in.

I think the real key to setting up automations is to incorporate you brand + your personal style into all of them so it doesn’t feel so disconnected. The same tone + colors throughout are important so your audience doesn’t get confused. Because we confuse easily. Know your customers and take them on a journey with you. But make your life easier by automating it so you can spend Saturday night drinking champagne, snuggling your puppy on the couch + watching Hallmark Christmas movies. Wait, that’s only me. Well, then, I’ll do me + you do you boo.

Since we are knocking things off of your to-do list in a week. Let’s work together to set up your marketing system.