What's your relationship with excitement?


Every week Danielle LaPorte asks a burning question on her site and this week's really intrigued me. What's your relationship with excitement? I read through the post and envied her for that feeling of 'true can't hold it in any longer' excitement. I thought, "I wonder how many people get excited now but not like they did when they were a kid?" I experience it. I'm super stoked about launching this here website and really diving into what I believe is my true calling. But how long has it been since I experienced that nervous energy, 'I can't keep still because I'm about to bust I'm so excited' excitement? Probably not since I was a kid and was anticipating that BIG road trip to Disney World. Remember when you found out you were going and you screamed and yelled and jumped up and down? I want that again! How do you get back to that place?

I think it starts with being happy with who you are, where you are and the life you have right now. A calm contentment has to come first before true excitement can radiate from your core. Are you happy with your job? With your relationships? With your environment? With your cat? I'm not too happy with my cat right now but needless to say when all the stress melts away and I'm content, I get that true, I can't hold it in excitement. You tell me, what's your relationship with excitement? Does contentment come first for you like me? How can we fix it?

In the meantime, check out Danielle LaPorte. She totally rocks with her White Hot Truth. I get lots of newsletters and RSS feeds everyday that I have signed up for and completely ignore but there are a few that I stop my hectic life to read and Danielle's is one of them. I think you would enjoy her style and her message.