Who Did You Think I Was?

Who did you think I was

Hey. I’m Ronii. With 2 eyes cuz I’d look pretty silly with only 1. Pretty cheesy, huh? You’ll remember it though. I promise you. Everyone does. Can you tell I’m a marketer? Oh, but I’m so much more than that. I’m an entrepreneur, a business manager, a marketing researcher, a bookkeeper, a copywriter, a social media maven (that’s right, I used maven), a friend, a daughter, a mentor, a teacher, a couch potato, and the list could go on but I won’t bore you. I like drinking and cursing so, WARNING! If you are easily offended by that, you need not read any further because I’m a freakin' rockstar!

Do you need an assistant? I'm not your girl. Do you need a someone to do it for you? I'm not your girl. Do you need a therapist? I'm definitely NOT your girl. Do you need someone to give you the honest truth, answer YOUR questions and kick your ass into gear?


You have questions. I have answers. That's what I do. I answer questions. I answer YOUR questions. Plain and simple. So, come on over and cop a squat and we’ll jam.