Why work with me

Why work with me

I've been in your shoes. I know lots of people say that and its a bit cliched. But trust me when I say, 'I've been there, done that.' I hit rock bottom too. You know, when the depression sets in and you wonder if you will ever be happy again and think something might be wrong with you and you really should see someone about it but you don't have enough money to buy ramen noodles and eat let alone see a doctor. I've been there.

Might end up there again some day. Don't know.

I was too depressed and embarrassed to tell anyone how I was feeling or what problems I was having and that I had failed. I faked my way through years of building a semi-successful business. I say semi-successful because while I had a handful of clients that were paying, I was working my ass off to not make any money. Something was wrong. I kept thinking, 'I hated working for 'the man' so I started a business but it shouldn't be this hard' and I should be making at least enough money to keep me going. I'm smart! I know my shit!

I racked up a shit ton (that is an actual measurement) of debt that I didn't tell anyone about and would scarp together change for a bottle of three buck chuck just so I could at least not worry about shit for like... ten minutes.

Something HAD to change.

And I had to change it.

That's where roniibartles.com started. I examined the types of clients I loved working with and what they loved getting from me. Come to find out my clients didn't work with me because I was the smartest or best at branding and marketing, they worked with me because of me (and probably because I always brought alcohol with me to meetings). I'm a teacher and they loved that I could answer any of their questions in a way that they got it. That's what this is. All me, working with you to teach you and make your business a success and help you not get to that dark, lonely place. It's not fun being there and you need to have someone help you or at least someone to talk too. That's what I do. That's what I'm here for.

So, let's get together and make some magic.