Get organized. Get clarity. Build a business. Make money.

Is your desk full of sticky notes + notebooks that contain scattered notes, to-do lists, checklists, product ideas and/or website layout? Maybe the stray grocery or Target list? Trust me, we've all been there. Are you like me with 5 different notebooks cluttering up your desk and purse and tote and laptop bag and sticky notes posted all over your computer screen and fridge. If you are an entrepreneur, this is reality. But it doesn't have to be.

I believe that there is a simpler way to work.

Organize your thoughts + business at your finger tips with Evernote School. And the best part, is it's free. But also all your team members can have access to know exactly what your business is about and what they should be doing.

As entrepreneurs ideas flow like champagne {hopefully}. The ideas build one on top of the other until you are meeting people at networking events telling them that you are a dog walking momprenuer that designs websites and does bookkeeping for everyone. You don’t have kids or own a dog. You have a website and made one for a friend and well… math is hard, so your bookkeeping skills are lackluster. But all the tasks + ideas stack on top of each other until you are wearing hats on top of hats. Sound familiar?

I get it. Your to-do list is a mile long. You can do lots of things. You’re passionate about lots of things. What you don’t need is another webinar telling you ‘I made 6 figures in 2 days with this one secret’. Only for that secret to be… I discovered ’The Secret'. WTF!? You need to get shit done.


In Evernote School we are actually going to do just that... Get. Shit. Done.


Sure, I got clarity and changed my mindset. And that was huge but what I needed was a way to outline what my business does and who it serves and share that with my team {and by team I mean Jenn + Danni}. You will walk away from Evernote School with a solid plan to build your business map, setting up checklists + systems and formulas for creating blogs + sales pages. Everything you need is all in one place, in front of your face shared with everyone you work with.

And I’m giving you my system for FREE! No sales pitch just an hour-ish of solid content on how I do business {I don't really have anything to sell, you know I consult + work with clients}.



Hey, I’m Ronii. And I’m a coaching program junkie. I've bought all of them + then some. I’d like to say I’m recovering…

In my past life, I’ve worked for companies that paid me big salaries to create and implement systems + processes that work efficiently. Then, I worked myself right out of a job and they were paying my big salary to scroll through Facebook and read celebrity gossip most of the day. I knew there was a more efficient way to do business. So I quit that big fancy job.

I know that people go into business because they do something amazing + that isn’t necessarily running a business. That’s where I come in. I work with entrepreneurs + small businesses to take everyday business-y tasks and turn them into brand stories and marketing strategies. Business transparency is sexy. I call this Operations Marketing. It’s the art of perfecting your business operations to create authentic branding & marketing messages that attract the right customer.

I’ve worked with businesses at every stage of growth. From start-up funding mode to multi-million dollar enterprises with budgets larger than my salary. I’ve seen + experienced the struggles and successes. I’ve heard + said it a billion times, it shouldn’t be this hard. It’s not. We just over complicate it all to make ourselves busy. Busy is not the goal here. Work smarter, not harder is my philosophy.



Evernote School is for you if you:

  • love using Evernote for your business {but you don’t have to use Evernote, its just the tool, the principals are the same}
  • want someone to tell you what to do next
  • love a good checklist, formula + template {the do what feels right gurus be damned}
  • want a way to connect the big idea with everyday tasks to meet your goals
  • love to work with a team but don’t have the time or energy to talk on the phone with everyone to say the same things over + over again
  • like to see how other people do it and tweak it to what you need

Evernote Schools is a workshop {let’s be real, it’s a webinar but I hate webinars so we are going with workshop} where you will get a peak into how I run my business where I've simplified + streamlined all my operations + communications. The exact templates + tools I use everyday. Oh! And did I mention it’s free!? Save your seat now! See you October 18th at 2pm eastern.