'It shouldn't be this hard.'

How many times have you said this to yourself? Hundreds. Thousands. Tens of thousands. I know, me too. But it doesn't have to be. Business just isn't that hard. The hardest part is managing yourself. Keeping you from the black hole that is social media or obsessing over what your competitors are up to these days.


I have lots of philosophies on business, branding + marketing. But at the heart of it all, I believe that understanding your customers + clients intimately is the key to building your empire. My passion is teaching creative entrepreneurs + business owners how to stalk their ideal clients then develop branding + marketing strategies that get them to stalk you back.



Meet Ronii


Champagne Thursdays

I have this thing, Champagne Thursdays. It's a movement really. An experience. I believe that business should be fun {particularly meetings}. Why do it if it's not? For years I have done this with my team. We get together on a Thursday, crack open a bottle of bubbly + brainstorm. We talk about creative projects + ideas. Nothing is out of reach. It's my way of bringing a little luxury into life. So, part of working with me includes enjoying a glass of champagne {or the libation of your choice} while dreaming big and figuring out how to make them happen. Pop a bottle, tip it back + let the inspirations flow.




My one-on-one coaching + intimate workshops on branding, marketing and business are designed to help you build a business that showcases your passion. There are so many strategies, tactics and stuff that it can be overwhelming. Then you can't move forward with any project. You throw your hands in the air Scarlet style saying, 'Tomorrow is another day.' I design my workshops with practical everyday strategies + tips that help you define + simplify what you want to do when you want to do it.


Facebook Stalking 101

I know you're already there, the newsfeed vortex, we've all been sucked in. Let's turn that rabbit hole into a legit business strategy. Learn how to read your clients minds by doing a little client recon on Facebook. All the business strategist + gurus tell you that you need to create your ideal client avatar or profile. But how? Where do I start? With this Workbook + Checklist, we'll use Facebook as a tool to intimately understand your ideal clients + customers so you can create better products + develop better ROI on all those Facebook ads {and all of your marketing}.


Successful businesses like Apple, Ikea + Dyson all intimately understand their customers' deepest + darkest desires to create products + marketing that solve their customers’ problems. In this workshop, you'll learn how to take this "big business" concept + develop your ideal customer profiles. We’ll hone in on your people watching skills + bring out that private detective in you to better understand your people. Then, you’ll learn how to take that information + create marketing strategies that will get your tribe banging down your door to work with you. You’ll begin to understand why people do what they do because there’s a little stalker in all of us.


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