Biz Binder Ebook

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Biz Binder Ebook Product Image Full.png

Biz Binder Ebook


Are you in your business every single day? Working hard + not really getting anywhere?

You’ve built time into your schedule every week to work on your business but all you end up doing is reading blog after blog from every business guru on the Internet throwing around the cliche, 'you need to work ON your business, not IN it.'

Great advice! But WTF? How the hell am I supposed to do that? Where do you start? What's the map or formula to actually do that? You end up with more questions than answers.

Been there. Done that.

This ebook isn't the philosophical, 'you need to work on your business.' bullshit. You already know that you don't need me to keep telling you that.

This ebook is a map to help you actually work on your business.

Get it!

Every position I’ve held in my career at some point in time I needed to create a checklist/worksheet/template for some process I was developing. I have a checklist for generating an invoice, receiving a payment and posting a blog. I’ve created a project startup form, project trackers + marketing dashboards. Each one had to break down data I need to know in an easily digestible way. As a business owner myself I’ve had to create a system that breaks down my business so that any point in time I know what it’s all about.

Now, I’ve put my methodology into a book that you can use to build a business that supports + loves you as much as you do it. This is your guide to working on your business that will make working in it so much easier.

Business becomes easier with this roadmap. Decisions are easier, onboarding team members is easier, making your to-do list each day is easier. Because you have a structure in place for your business dreams + goals that you are always moving towards.

So, grab your glass of bubbly and dive into each worksheet + get your business where you want it to be.